After green washing Sint-Pieters-Leeuw I wanted to edit some fixme’s.
A big part of the fixme’s are “fixme=continue”

Is there any usefulness or necessity to ad “fixme=continue” at the end of a way?
I never used it for that reason.
Most of those fixme’s date from several years ago.
Apparently, it was fashionable at that time.
If they are of no use, can anyone swipe them out to just leave the “real” fixme’s?

A lot of other fixme’s are a bunch of antennas. It could be handy to filter them out.
I used
Can anyone suggest a (or some) user-friendly site or program (also android) to select and filter fixme’s?



Sint-Pieters-Leeuw een groene gemeente.
En nu nog de groene rand…

You’ll often see these at the end of paths that haven’t been mapped entirely. I think those are useful. But sometimes the people who finish up the map don’t notice the fixme. So those should be easy to fix.
In SPL, I think most of these cases are unfinished local electricity lines, right? I think most of those were probably added by Escada. He’s less active these days, but does respond to messages.

Removing the fixmes on these power lines feels wrong to me, because then it might look like the lines are mapped entirely. But it’s annoying to have them stick around forever as well!

Indeed, some of them are electricity lines.
But as far as I looked around, most of them are from the type:
barrier=fence fence_type=chain_link

And somebody should walk around to see were they end…