Fix Spiky Buildings in South Africa

Dear OSM South Africa Community,

We’ve launched a new MapRoulette challenge to improve OpenStreetMap’s accuracy and aesthetics in South Africa. This challenge identifies buildings with suspiciously sharp angles, potentially indicating inaccuracies. By correcting these, we enhance the map’s quality for various users.

How was this challenge created? Based on the angle, we identified buildings with geometry featuring suspiciously sharp angles. Normally, building walls meet at close to 90-degree angles. This challenge highlights buildings where the angle between two walls at a single point is less than 15 degrees. While not always a problem, we have noticed that many of these small angles are most likely incorrect.

Your participation is crucial! Please take a moment to check out the challenge here: MapRoulette and review and adjust building geometries. Together, we can ensure a more reliable and visually appealing map dataset.

Thank you for your dedication and contributions to OSM. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

Hajar from TomTom