First Edit Critique

I heard about this project on FLOSS Weekly, and am just now getting around to trying it out.

There has been allot of new housing construction in my area and a few surrounding areas, none of which is on the current OSM map. I took my gps and camera jogging with me today and ran both sides of the sidewalk of a new section of Grand Junction, and completely added the oval of Valor and Patriot.

I wanted to ask more experienced users to look at this edit and critique it for me. Is there a standardized list of tags that should be added to streets? All I know to add was name and highway type.

Also, now that its done and the edit is showing up on OSM, is there any reason to upload my gpx trace as well?


Hi Klint, thanks for your contribution!

There is no list of standard tags, but have a look here

Things you could add to the roads are the speed limits and number of lanes. Useful for routing and satnavs.

You could add “points of interest” such as crossings, traffic lights, bus stops and postboxes.

You could fill in the land use - residential, commercial, parks etc

You could add individual buildings, trees etc.

Have a look at the level of detail in the big cities to see what can be done.

Personally I would add the gpx trace as it only takes a minute and can be useful for others.


PS. What you’ve done so far looks great! :slight_smile:

Your first edit looks absolutely fine and thank you for adding the neighbourhood.

One thing I would suggest is that it’s good practice to fully spell out abbreviations so Patriot Dr would be Patriot Drive, Weiskopf Ln would be Weiskopf Lane and so on. This is because there aren’t reliable international standard abbreviations. Consider a real-life road near to me: Dr Newtons Way. There’s no reliable way for software to distinguish that abbreviation for Doctor from the abbreviation for Drive.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, there is another street directly below the area I mapped that I will get to tonight. I’ll make the changes and a few additions then.