Fire hydrants and ¿gardening water?


I don’t know outside Spain, but in Spain we have two types of water points. “Boca de Incendios” or “hydrant” used by the fire department that is tagged with emergency=fire_hydrant and “Boca de Riego” that is also a water point but used to water the plants by the municipal gardeners, this water points are not mean to be used by firefighters because the hose don’t fit and the pressure is not enough, but in very very need situation can be used.

My question is if there is a proper tag for “Bocas de Riego” or we should create a tag for Spain.

Is it available for public? If yes it could be tagged with Tag:man_made=water_tap - OpenStreetMap Wiki
Or use the access tag (private)

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in such case adding drinking_water=no / drinking_water=yes with amenity=drinking_water would be useful if known.

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No, is not, is something quite similar to fire hydrants (location, color, accés,…)

but only accessible by municipal gardeners to water parks, trees or whatever and cleaning services to clean the street. Is not designated to be used by Firefighters, but in case of emergency, something is better than nothing. So is not a fire_hydrant but is useful for firefighters to know where are these types of hydrants. Amenity=hydrant would be perfect but is deprecated.

The Spanish community is in favour of creating a new label or use:


maybe add water_point:spain=boca_de_riego?

I would prefer the first suggestion. A separate tag definitely makes sense, but for such a specific purpose the usage will be very low. That would be like tagging a “waterway=levada” in Madeira and a “waterway=waal” in South Tyrol, “waterway=wuhl” in the Black Forest or “waterway=faladsch” in oman. Everything is somehow the same, but still regionally different. It remains a water point, without drinking water and only with private access. And that’s how I would tag it.

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Note that Tag:amenity=water_point - OpenStreetMap Wiki has “places where you can get larger amounts of “drinking water” for filling a fresh water holding tank, such as found on caravans, RVs and boats”

Here neither “drinking water” nor “for public use or at least by customers” is fulfilled, only “large volume of water”.

I would rather propose using a new tag.

Not entirely sure but it starts looking like tagging prison as amenity=hotel access=private involuntary=yes ( Trolltag - OpenStreetMap Wiki )

This is an example in Barcelona:

The wiki definition for amenity=water_point is so specific that it should be amenity=drinking_water_point but since it is not possible to change all the nodes entered, I only see three options:

  • Recover the amenity=hydrant tag for hydrants whose main use is not to supply water to firefighters

  • Use the amenity=water_point, drinking_water=no and access=private tags and change the wiki definition to a more generic one for water supply points

  • Create another tag, for example amenity=water_supply or amenity=water_supply_point

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I only see three options

from these I’d prefer the first and third as they do not require to redefine an existing tag. I somehow agree that amenity=water_point is not perfect as it doesn’t clearly communicate on its own that it is only for drinking water, but that’s what it is :see_no_evil: