fire_hydrant with name=К-150

There are quite a lot of them:
I think the correct tag for this information is fire_hydrant:diameter=К-150
Is there a special reason for this name tag?


Yes, the diameter of the tag name is a mistake.

It is diameter of the name

K-150 - internal designation for connection of fire hoses used in Russian fire services
these data are inserted by the author of the site for fire services, as far as I know he made these data only in the territory of the Russian Federation.
as far as I know the website is not active now.
if interferes, it is necessary to rename fire_hydrant:diameter:ru=К-150

Вот такого точно не нужно.

I think you got me wrong. I don’t like the descriptive name K-150. I think name should be removed and maybe fire_hydrant:diameter=K-150 added where it doesn’t already exist.