Fire Fox / Ubuntu will not save edits

I am trying to map using Ubuntu 16.04.3 with FireFox.
I have tried Fire Fox and Chromium browsers.
My issue is, when I make an edit, iD editor will let me ‘Save’ on the top/first ‘save’ button,
but no ‘save’ and comments pane comes up on the left of the screen as it does on a Fire Fox/ Win10 computer.
Has anyone mapping with Ubuntu had this issue?

Thank you for any insights you might provide on this issue.

L. Mason
Louisville, KY

This is the indoor (as in floor plans, rooms etc) mapping forum. You should be asking either on the Q&A forum, on or looking at the iD issue tracker on github.

I have moved this thread to the right subforum.

Hi there,

Can you save through a shortcut option? In windows it’s “Ctrl+S”.