Finland subcategory

Category name

Suomi (Finland)

Is this a top-level category or a subcategory?

Subcategory, below the Communities section.

Description of its purpose and which open mapping groups it will serve

The purpose is to the serve the Finnish OSM community.

Why is this new category needed instead of being hosted as part of the existing ones?

The subcategory would consolidate the topics concerning Finland for more practical focus.

Is this a new space or does it already exist on other platforms? Where?

It exist already in the old forum: users: Finland / OpenStreetMap Forum

Current volume of messages on the former platforms, if any (per week/per month)

The current volume of messages naturally shift but it on weekly basis. The message can be counted from the forum if anyone so wishes.

Is there a transition plan for the old platform to this new one? (please link or describe)

Ideally the old messages could transition to the new one, who will be responsible and how it would be done hasnt been decided.

(Optional) A link or list of the category specific guidelines

OSM Etiquette Guidelines FAQ - OpenStreetMap Community will apply.

List the usernames of the category moderators

Mapper since October 2015. In good standing with the OSM Finnish community, actively participates in discussions.

Mapper since July 2014. In good standing with the OSM Finnish community, actively participates in discussions.

Mapper since July 2009. In good standing with the OSM Finnish community, actively participates in discussions.

Mapper since March 2008. In good standing with the OSM Finnish community, actively participates in discussions.

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Keskustelu täten alkakoon! Let there be discussion! I’m also hereby okaying myself as a moderator. :smiley:


Thanks for the request.

Once the the proposed moderators comment here they are OK with the role, and as per the current Moderation Selection Criteria, 5 days of community discussion will take place here (always including weekend days) and then a voting poll to validate the list by the community will be open for another 5 days too.

Thanks again!

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I’m also OK with my role as a moderator

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@nukeador - OK with the role.

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Since 3 mods have already commented, while we wait for @ssundell to reply and as per the current Moderation Selection Criteria, now the community has 5 days (that must include weekend days) to discuss about this proposal.

After that a voting poll will be opened for another 5 days to validate the list.


I’m ok with the role.

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Why we don’t have this subcategory already? :thinking: Let’s create it? I have lots of topics to discuss. E.g. next OSM Finland event.

Please see my previous message about how the process is handled.

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Moderaattorivalintakriteereiden mukaisesti seuraa äänestys (alla) ehdotetusta moderaattorilistasta (yllä):

As per the Moderation Selection Criteria, see the poll (below) on the proposed list of moderators (above):

[edited to include the official poll below]

Hello again everyone,

Five days have passed for the community discussion so now a voting poll is opened for another five days (plus weekend days) to validate the final list.

The list will be validated if it gets at least 80% of yes votes. Note that votes (who voted what) are public to help identify any abuses.


I approved and voted for the moderator list and further suggest that user @Petsamo be added to the list as well.

Sorry my bad, since polls can’t be edited after 5 minutes, opening a new one below

Do you approve @Petsamo @houtari @ssundell and @Tolstoi21 to be category moderators for the “Finland” category?
  • Yes I approve
  • No, I don’t approve (please comment below)

0 voters

The #communities:fi category is now created and the approved moderators have been added to the group.

Please make sure you request an update to the OSM Community Index to include this new channel for your community and remove any former/inactive one.

Also, please make sure you edit the “About community category” topic to include a link to OSM Etiquette in your language, you can provide a translation if needed on the wiki.