Finding my way round the Sea Side.

My hobby is visiting the seaside and I do it in the company of my wife of fifty years with an equally mature motor caravan. My secondary hobby is getting lost and I used to use AutoRoute to avoid that as much as possible. Regrettably, Microsoft in all their wisdom have dumped it so I have just spent two days looking for an alternative and feel very lucky that I found Openstreetmap but now I have to learn to use it so hear is my first question.

Is it possible to key in or cut and paste a Post Code to find a target location and if so how does one do that?

Would OpenStreetMap carry a facility whereby camping and or caravan site icons show on an area?

I look forward to using OpenStreetMap because plotting a series of destinations is nearly as enjoyable as visiting them.

Is there a facility which automatically sends an Email if a question is commented on?

There are many (external) services that make use of the OSM database to offer solutions like trip planning and POI finding similar to your aims.

See the OSM wiki about some collections: → Online Routers

and in general.

And there is a bunch of apps running on popular smartphones to find routing and POIs like caravan sites. Some navigation apps even have a feature to avoid motorways.


Greets, Stephan