finding housenumbers digitalized before

Hey everyone,
I’m working with maps of openstreetmap in uMap. Therefore I added the Housenumbers for some buildings in openstreetmap in the left box for adress. Openstreetmaps shows this Housenumbers but when I try to search for them using umap to select this building I can not find it.
I just waited for 2 days to give the map a chance to refresh.
Can anyone help me?

Hi. Please give some examples.

for example #
Bäkeweg 66, Oldenburg
falklandstraße 36
Did you meen those examples?
Thanks for your help

When you search for Bäkeweg 66, Oldenburg in it is found. same for falklandstraße 36,Oldenburg
Where do you search?

In umap as she wrote.

I can confirm that. Tried with some of the featured maps there to find Bäkeweg 70 with success but #66 was not found.

I have no idea what search engine umap uses, though, and how long it takes to update its data.

Thanks for your answers. It’s curios especially because the new Housenumber is shown in uMap. I’ll try it in a few day again and we’ll see…

The database to render the map and to search for addresses are 2 different ones. They do not have to be updated at the same time.
The tiles are coming from different server (e.g. OpenStreetMap, but also OpenStreetMap France and several others), the address look up is using (I looked that the network traffic). Then latter is a server ran by a company using OpenStreetMap data, but which is not under control of OpenStreetMap France.

Well, is it rigth then, that I only have to wait or have I done something wrong digitalizing those housenumbers? I’m new in OSM…perhaps you someone with insigth knowledge can have a look.
Thanks for your help