Finding community members


I am completely new to OSM - the learning curve is pretty steep so please help.

Can I locate and contact the members who have contributed given OSM elements? Specifically I see in the OSM that I have downloaded into JOSM (sorry I’m working with the French version):
"multipolygone ("Parc Nationmultipolygone (“Parc National du Niokolo Koba”, 6 membres). Does “membres” mean contributing people or is a technical term for OSM elements. How can I contact
the OSM community members who have contributed this data (not part of the work of the Senegal OSM group)?

Looking forward to your help, thanks and best regards, John

In JOSM select an object and press [Ctrl]+[ H ]. There you see which users did what to this object. Clicking on the username will open the user’s profile in your default webbrowser, where you can send him a message.

It means that the relation contains 6 elements, which may be relations, ways and nodes.