Finding all OSM users from a specific country

I am referring to the users of OSM not wiki. Is this possible? Right now I am changing my home location and then check the nearby users, but I am sure that I always lose someone. Is there any other method to do this?

I’m not aware of any other method of locating other members’ location apart from searching the wiki pages and the method of moving the home location on the personal settings page. Perhaps sending a message to one of the mailinglists will help?

You could always move your “home location” in your profile to that location and see nearby users. Of course this is no good for larger areas, but generally ok for cities. Note that you only see users who have correctly set their home location near there.

Or you can get a larger area into JOSM (by several downloads), select all data and see the users. This gives you all the users who are the last editors of objects in the given area.

Thanks for your answer. I will continue in this topic with another related question.

Is there any method to add a user to your friends list (or send a message) if I only know the username, not his home location?
Edit: I will answer myself :slight_smile: Just modify the web address to match the username: (replace Ciprian with the desired username)**