Finding Admin Level Node 4 for a Node

Given a PBF file containg Node/Way and Relations, how can I find all the “areas” that a node belongs to?

Basically the parent nodes.
The Overpass API introduces “Areas” that don’t exist in the raw data. I’m trying to figure out how I can do this as well.

I tried checking Relations to find relationships between nodes, but it seems some nodes aren’t in any relations… Are all smaller nodes, like a gas station, related to another parent zone node?


There is no relation that associates ways or nodes to an admin boundary. You can do this by calculating whether the lat/lon of the node falls into the area defined by the boundary relation.

I thought that must be the way, but just wanted to make sure. I checked the overpass docs and that’s exactly what it does.

Can you post a quote/link to what part of the documentation you’re referring to?

You need to look at spatial relationships. Being a member of a relationship is not a necessity. Try to familiarize yourself with those concepts in general GIS literature.