Find closest objects of a certain kind from my location

Dear ∀,
How can I find the closest objects of a certain kind from a given point. E.g.: “show all charity bins within 1 km from Dior”, or “show all charity bins within the current map snippet”?
Resp.: Where is this explained?
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If you want to do this occasionally, use the “Overpass” server which
allows you to make queries like that, see
Overpass API - OpenStreetMap Wiki and specifically
Overpass API/Language Guide - OpenStreetMap Wiki

If you want to do this a lot, then you are better off setting up your
own PostGIS database, loading OSM data into it with the help of
osm2pgsql, and then make PostGIS queries against your own database.


I will look into it. Thank you so far.

If you do it often in PostgreSQL, the (new(ish)) kNN queries are helpful.

I would explore the “around” syntax in Overpass.

Would you mind showing me instances of charity bins? At the moment I have difficulties finding any.
Thanks & Nice Weekend

Probably not so simple.

Thinking of those locally they are tagged as amenity=recycling operator=name of charity so unless there is an operator:type=charity tag it will be difficult.

Just a simple guy from out of town, load an area of interest into JOSM, hit Ctrl+F and type in a tag/key+ value of interest and you get a list of items found in the right hand pane bar. Overpass will do it too though, yellow blobs for nodes, red blobs for closed ways.

Maybe I should turn my question upside down:
There are several clothing bins around my house, and it seems that none of them is entered into OSM. If I want to enter them, which terminology am I supposed to employ?

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There is a Mapcomplete theme that covers recycling here and can be used to add new recycling containers and also indicate what items they each take.

To your original question, the display can also be filtered by “waste type” using the layer button in the bottom left.

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You can use the EveryDoor editing app to add simple features like this. :slightly_smiling_face: