Filter state boundaries (admin_level 4) by area?

Turning on boundaries with admin_level 4 in a map style will turn on not only US states, but boundary lines within countries all over the world. Is there any way to filter this in a style to only use US state boundaries and not include the country subdivisions in Europe and elsewhere in the world in the layer?

Use this query:
[out:xml] [timeout:500];
area[name=“United States”]->.a;
relation[boundary=administrative] [admin_level=4] (area.a);
out body;

out skel qt;

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Sorry, novice here… I built pmtiles from global openstreets data set, default settings, all data included. I am trying to do this filtering in my vector map style json. When creating layer from OSM boundaries, filtering on admin_level=4, do I have access to any other properties like area/country name to further filter and show only US state boundaries and not state level boundaries elsewhere in the world??