Ferry between Bergen and Lerwick

Hello, the ferry service between Bergen and Lerwick (Shetlands) seems to have closed a few years ago, sadly. As I’m a casual editor at best, I’m not quite sure how to remove it, without “damaging” other ferry lines or coastal points.

The route is mapped as disused:route but it will still show up on the map since the way is still mapped as route=ferry. So… I changed the that tagging now. It will disappear from the map at whatever pace the map tiles update.

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If it is gone for few years it should be rather deleted, right?

Yes… no… maybe. A matter of opinion I feel. Isnt the same question valid for long gone railways?

And long-gone railways that left no traces should be also removed.

And presumably ferry route left no real traces in sea/ocean/lake? (abandoned ports can be still mapped if traces of them remain)

I have no strong opinions on this. There is no big problem in keeping old data as long as it doesn’t clutter the map where new work is done.

current data about a former connection this is, not old data. I agree it will eventually harm less to keep it than a removal could potentially cause. We can still remove it later on.

The question when prefixing a lifecycle status is preferable over removing completely depends on the kind of feature. A removed post box or wastebin will probably be deleted, for businesses it depends how significant they were in the area and whether there are traces or they have been replaced by something else. For railways we seem to have a very inclusive policy, justified as I think.

I think the priority here was to get it removed from the map tiles, and that has been achieved. The lifecycle tagging is a huge issue of course, and there are probably many best practices, both official and personal, but inexperienced users can always come in and “fumble” it. So, I’m leaving this ferry route in place in case someone else wants to make a decision on what to do with it.

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