Feedback on my edits

As a new editor, I seek feedback on my edits in the last two days with a view to checking where I need improvement. Thanks.

Thanks for asking!

Could you please give us your OSM user name, or a link to your changeset history?

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I just commented one of his changesets

He is using the same name :wink:

Thank you for getting back to me, much appreciated. My username is Ramsiva.

Thanks. Sorry I used the email instead of using the Community site. Sorry once again.

Many thanks, Reinhard. I am now aware the contributors around me. Is there a way to get in touch with any of them, just in case there is a need.

Don’t say sorry. This is an international project, Fizzie is from australia, I’m from germany. We all help each other.

Do you know

Thanks. I am glad that I interacted with two different Nationals - an Australian and a German.
I am an Indian. I am currently in the US but I am scheduled to travel back to India (Chennai) in a couple of days. I will try to edit whatever I can until tomorrow and I think I should be able to resume my editing only end of next week. i have edited close to 1000 structure points using the Online editor (The National Map Corps of US Geological Survey) during the last month, I guess editing OpenStreetMap seems to be challenging. I feel there is a lot for me to learn and I am thrilled about the experience.

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Thank you, Reinhard, for the link, which helped me to see who the contributor is around my current location.

Hello and welcome, Ramsiva,

your comments are helpful and appreciated - unlike mine sometimes… :shushing_face:

A tip for the beginning and further success:
Use OSM’s quality assurance tools! I have seen that you also use the id Editor. There you will find the menu “Map data” with “Data layers” on the right and “Openstreetmap data” underneath. Click on the 4 “Notes” and “Problems” fields and small balloons will appear showing you all the errors entered there (also by other mappers). You do not have to change (all) of these, but it is very helpful and instructive to look at them!

Try it out here, then you will encounter a recurring problem:

opening_hours, but also service_times, always have a certain format. There are good tools for entering them.

As always, check the wiki first and follow the recommendations(!). If you read this carefully, many things will become clear to you. You can easily and conveniently convert information from the web here: Web to OSM Opening Hours - OSM_de Telegram edition into (almost always) valid entries. However, as public holidays are not automatically added there and days with the same opening hours are simply repeated, you should always check the results here: opening_hours evaluation tool. This also helps with information collected on the ground, which you simply enter here, the programme will show you the errors and possible solutions.

Over time, you will come across other useful websites such as or and especially OSM Inspector | Geofabrik Tools. Use these tools for your own development. You never stop learning!

But be careful, the community warns: OSM is highly addictive…

Greetings from Germany,
good luck and above all: Have fun!

Many thanks for your helpful response. Yes, I completely agree with you that learning is a life-long process and I should never stop learning. I am happy that my OSM learning curve has just begun with expert comments/feedback from people like you and I should be grateful for that. I assure you that I shall take advantage of the resources mentioned in your feedback and use the tools for entering data. I am departing the US tomorrow for my hometown in Chennai, India. On my return, I shall take a week or so to go through all the resources and resume my editing presumably from January 25. I am really excited to contribute to OSM. Regards.

Hello and welcome.
One of the main things that new mappers must deal with in their first editions are the small mistakes made and as a result of this they must learn to deal with comments in the CS from other mappers. Since you have publicly requested a review of your edits, I am only going to indicate that you review the ChangeSet, building=yes you have created a building for the entire school area, you must change that TAG.