Feedback for Mapbox mappers (also general Q&A)

Recently mappers employed by Mapbox have been adding POI’s in the Netherlands (mostly automotive, i.e., car dealerships), as some of you have seen. While these are generally value-adding edits, some small points of improvement remained (such as using existing address nodes where appropriate).

In the interest of improved cooperation I opened an issue on their GitHub issue tracker for these points.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by their prompt reaction and the subsequent fixes made by their mappers regarding this specific issue, as not all interaction with corporate mappers is as constructive. My compliments to the Mapbox team for that.

I have also recommended that they seek out our assistance when necessary by pointing them to this subforum (hence the English here).

Mapbox mappers: should you have any questions about topics typical of mapping in the Netherlands, feel free to ask them in English (or Dutch of course, should you have some degree of proficiency in it), either here or in a new topic.