Federal roads etc ...

A good read here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaysian_Federal_Roads_System.

According to our malaysian road tagging guideline, these should be trunk road, green color. Which means a hell lot of correction need to be done for malaysian map! oh well… Any road number that has an alphabet (except E=expressway with toll) preceding it has to be classified primary since they are state maintained road ( a lot are marked secondary roads).

And, if we follow the guideline closely, pretty much all roads in town should be marked secondary (municipal maintained road)…

Just food for thought…

I was thinking more like

roads that link Taman-taman tag tertiary
roads that link Suburb tag secondary (example of suburb would be Puncak Jalil,Equine Park,SS2,Banda Puteri in Puchong,)
roads that link Town tag primary (example of town would be Seri Kembangan to Bukit Jalil,Puchong,Cheras)

It’s easy to track Federal roads,but it’s quite hard to know whether a road is state or municipal maintained.

everyone sure have different ideas, and come across roads that dont fit neatly into a particular classification.

one of u need to appoint your self boss of malaysia and lay down the rules.

personally i’m not worried if someone changes the classifications on roads i have added… please go ahead for the good of the maps as a whole.

my main focus is to clean up the unconnected roads to make them routable; add missing rds; name unnamed rds; add pois.

why not we turn this into a thread to discuss about the classification and put it in the wiki? everyone get a say

Well, let’s start with what we currently know then, as per wiki entry I linked above i.e any road with an alphabet, either it is a motorway or trunk. Anything without (and less than 4 digits), is set to primary (state maintained) . That’s the easy and clear part since it is already written down. For what feiming wrote regarding city roads, I am not able to offer any input since the signboards doesn’t have any numbers, and even worse, some roads doesn’t have any names/signboard.

I am with gvm, currently adding tracks from my gps and cleaning up the surrounding area near the added tracks to make the malaysia osm map routable. Too bad I am unable to tag road names with my tracks while driving/riding (accident meh!).

Clean up my tracks if necessary too…

after testing routing, i’ve realised that the voice prompt even refers to secondary n primary roads as “motorway” !!

makes you wonder why the routing software even bothered to mention “motorway”. IMO, that just add confusion the user more than anything else. Which routing app did you use?

i tried so many apps, cant remember which one mentioned motorway.

What should we tag road that road leading or around shop lots? residential or tertiary or others?

I think osmand will try to avoid residential unless the destination is in residential area

Well, let’s see if IRC from wiki:
(in my own words) tertiary is used for roads linking secondary roads… so residential is much closer in definition to those roads around shops etc. But I may be wrong though. Perhaps it is an issue with osmand routing engine rather than highway classification.

agree with kucai, we should follow the osm standard rather than following individual navi software’s spec

I have also seen user tagging highway as service for roads leading to rows of houses. If I understand correctly, in simple terms highway=service is mostly used for small roads that doesn’t even have a name, to connect the back alleys and such. Another use is usually for fuel stations and highway RnR area. So, if you think (while bing tracing) that the road(s) providing access to the houses have names (how else will the postman know where to deliver mails? ), most probably it is either residential or living streets. (the latter is a sub-set to the former).

refer here for highway=service, living_street etc etc.


this is very helpful reference…

wonder anyone plays sports=korfball in m’sia :stuck_out_tongue:

After traveling 2000km around north west peninsula,i’m going to support this. Federal road as trunk,State road as primary