Features I Edited Are Gone

I made edits in my area a few years ago. I added houses in my neighborhood with their addresses. I added/edited wooded areas. I tweaked the roads. I added/edited bodies of water.

I play a game that uses OSM as its mapping source. They recently updated the style of their map, and I noticed that the wooded areas/bodies of water in my area were gone, but bodies of water/wooded areas nearby were still there. I thought that maybe the ones that I had edited were coded wrong or something, so I went to OSM and found that they were just gone.

I checked my edit history and the documentation of all of my edits are there, but the features are gone. The houses are there with their addresses, the street edits are there, but the wooded areas and bodies of water are completely gone.

Is there a way to get them back without having to completely recreate them?

Sure, is possible to undo deletions: Undoing deletions - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Before it, I would suggest you to contact the user who deleted those elements and asking them why they did it. Maybe there’s an explanation.

EDIT: Ok, I checked some elements and this could be related to another topic in which a user had your same problem: