Feature Wish: Please activate the "Resolved" Button for the Austrian Subforum

What and who is affected by this issue/request?

In the Austrian subforum there is a wish to introduce the function, which is probably called “Discourse Solved”. This is already active in some sub-forums, e.g. in this one or in the German community forum.

Where on the platform does it happen?

The function is available in a post thread as an optional checkbox.



Please explain some more. The Austrian Forum is not a Q&A forum. The topic that prompted you to request the Q&A checkbox is not something that has been “solved” by some post to the topic.

All of these questions are related to the reporting and resolution of software bugs. This site is has nothing to do with direct software development. Software issue tracking is already handled by a number of platforms like Github Gitlabs anf othe development hubs.

I’m pretty sure this site does have basic Q/A functional. Such that you should be able mark the post that provided the answer to a question pose by the thread creator. I have never used it so I don’t know how it works.

I have extended my contribution. Using the function is not mandatory and as optional it does not have to be used if it does not fit.

When a new post is created in this forum, all these questions are obviously loaded as “template” by default.

You are more than correct, it just needs to be enabled, like in this forum or the German forum. The solution of this feature Wish only needs a few clicks of an admin in the backend.

Many greetings!

I would support such feature, in a forum-wide sense though. Yes, most of the sub-forums aren’t Q&A, but besides the generic “Help and support” category, there are cases of Q&A topics especially in local Communities category.
And if enabling this feature would fill the poster’s UI with more options (which would be unnecessary in a non-Q&A topic), then it be something like create a topic with a q&a tag, which would enable the feature for such topics, and then show the related UI there. I don’t know if this feature/plugin has such settings, I doubt it has, but it would be neat addition for communities sub-forums if that would be possible.

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Does enabling that also enable the “is your problem solved” pestering that happens with Q&A questions? If it did, then I’d imagine that some forums might not want it enabled.

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My thinking on @jimkats proposal is to let the mods for a sub community decide if the topic is resolution option worthy… could be duplicate somewhere hiding in the crofts. But it just harks back to a thing I’ve been doing on forums for a very very long time with Q&A to edit the title and insert [RESOLVED] in front, several times been attitude adjusted about with the ‘we have this…’ Well we haven’t everywhere as has come out. If a problem is of wider interest, anywhere, there has to be a simple way to give the solution a general thumbs up. With Deepl, whatever that is, it is made to believe that anyone can read a discussion on their own/preferred language.

At least for me as a forum user, the feature I want to activate solves exactly this problem or replaces your approach.
Attached are two posts from the German forum where this feature is already enabled. (The function can be configured individually for each subforum.) The first post is unresolved, so the small checkbox at the top is unchecked. The second thread is marked as ‘resolved’ and therefore has a tick in the checkbox. In the post itself, the suggestion marked as resolved will appear at the top of the first post, and “resolved” will appear in green on the resolved post.


I’ve enabled this feature for the #communities:at category as requested.

This is indeed a setting that an admin can enable on a per-category basis. With the German category, there is a precedent for deferring to the category moderator team (@mods-austria in this case) on this decision.