Feature proposal - Voting - Utility facilities

Dear all,

The vote is now open on the Utility facilities proposal

The rationale gives many details about what it’s all about: providing consistent tagging across several features to describe in which essential infrastructure activity they are involved in.
TL;DR: you may be interested in this table to get a comparative outlook of proposed changes

It is also proposed to replace existing tagging that was created in 2014 with less global logic in mind. As utility=* key is now available, it is possible to bring more consistency in our tagging practice.
I don’t plan to make a bot or mass edit to make this replacement. Quality control and editors presets will encourage mappers to carefully replace replaced tags when they found them.

Feel free to vote at the bottom of the page following provided directions.

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This is kind of off topic, but I noticed you have two proposals. One in English and one in French. How is multiple proposals for the same tag handled in situations like that? Tally the results of each and approve them both based on the total? Approve it for France if the French language proposal passes but disprove it everywhere else if the English language one doesn’t?

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It’s not two proposals: the same one is available both in French and English. I used to translate all my proposals for 5 years now.

The vote is held on English version only (see French bottom, no votes there).
The two documents are the same proposal, there is no “French tagging” and “elsewhere tagging”.
Everyone vote on the same thing.



Hhhmm, interesting. I guess it just shows up as two proposals on Category:Proposals with "Voting" status - OpenStreetMap Wiki for some reason. You’d think duplicate proposals in different languages like that would just be ignored by the category script or something.

Hello !

This is your weekly reminder on the ongoing vote open until january 26 :slight_smile:

Yes or something similar.
The double count is due to the Proposal template used on both languages.

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