Feature Proposal - RFC - Enhancing natural=peak tag


I try to enhance the current “natural=peak” tagging, so I made the formal RFC proposition here:


All the discussions and propositions are welcome!

I try to reach as many people as possible through some OSM language/country communities and I hope you don’t find this announcement here inappropriate.

This sounds good to me. While one can think that micro-mapping is harmful, it is here to stay, and the only way to filter out the micro-mapped features (if you want to generate a small map for offline use on an older device) is to have more precise tags.

It would be nice to be able to tag playgrounds and “mini-piste” for kids’ sleds or downhill skiing. I guess that even theme parks can have small peaks associated with attractions based on slides or slopes. Maybe you could add some tagging examples of these?

Even the smallest one can be tagged if it makes sense.

However I have not too much time, energy and imagination right now, preparing this proposition and discussing it is exhausting and that’s all I can reasonably do. But if you have some nice examples, comments or tagging propositions, feel free to write about them on the talk page! Especially because I hear too many people who don’t like this proposition and not so many who see how usable it could be.