Feature Proposal - RFC - <emergency=air rescue service>

Have now raised a proposal for emergency air-rescue services, further broken down into search and rescue, and aeromedical (Air Ambulance) services.


All comments welcome either here, on the talk page Talk:Proposed features/emergency=air rescue service - OpenStreetMap Wiki, or on the Tagging list [Tagging] RFC - Proposed features/emergency=air rescue service.

Currently this line of the proposal:

As part of this proposal, the undocumented emergency_service=air should be deprecated and it’s existing usage merged into this tag in common with other Emergency stations.

seems at odds with this part of https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal_process:

As a non-binding documentation change, the outcome of a proposal vote does not compel a change in tools which use and generate OSM data, such as the standard tile layer renderings or editor presets. An approved proposal will not be automatically rendered or added to presets; this is at the discretion of the developers and maintainers of those tools. Also, a vote result is never permission for large-scale re-tagging of existing objects. See automated Edits code of conduct for more about this topic.

There are relatively few items that you’re proposing to retag - I’d suggest contacting the mappers of those to get them on board with the change. No project** advertises themselves as using this tag.

** Edit: OK, one now does, but I only added support for it because I spotted an unusually-tagged Irish coastguard facility.

it is not permission by itself to run bot edit, but can be treated as indicator that one would be welcome

“and it’s existing usage merged into this tag in common with other Emergency stations” → “and would express support for merging existing usage into this tag in common with other Emergency stations” (?)

yes, I spotted that one, & there’s also one in China that I don’t really think applies: Way: ‪政府飛行服務隊總部 Government Flying Services Headquarters‬ (‪59153584‬) | OpenStreetMap

Oops! That was left over from copying the wording for water rescue, where there are multiple duplicated tags.

Now deleted, but wording of sentence updated to reflect what you said.

Hi. Have you considered the Tagging of the Rescue Coodination Centers (RCC, ARCC and MRCC, JRCC)?

Also the Rescue Sub-Centers (RSC, ARSC and MRSC) as per the ICAO/IMO International Search and Rescue Manual (IAMSAR) Doc. 9371.

ARCC: Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Center
MRCC: Maritime Rescue Coordination Center
JRCC: Joint (Aeronautical/Maritime) Rescue Coordination Center
ARSC: Aeronautical Rescue Sub-Center
MRSC: Maritime Rescue Sub-Center
JRSC: Joint Rescue Sub-Center


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Yes, that was discussed on the previous proposal for lifeboat stations: Talk:Proposed features/emergency=lifeboat station - OpenStreetMap Wiki

It would really need a full discussion of it’s own, but, as mentioned there, emergency=control_centre sounds like a good option.

As they’re not operational, “hands-on”, rescue stations though, I’m not trying to include them in this proposal in any way.


Getting back to this after a busy few weeks, if there are no further comments, I’ll move it to voting in a couple of days.


Voting is now open.

Voting has been extremely positive so far!

Still open for another week if you’d like to please add your vote.

Last day for voting!

Proposal has been approved with 20 yes, 2 no, 0 abstentions, so thank you everybody.

Will sort the pages out over the next few days.