Feature proposal - RFC - Deprecate passenger information display


I’m proposing to deprecate passenger_information_display and promote departures_board

Please comment wherever you feel most comfortable:

Uhm, I see two identical examples? Is a typo?
Or is because you wanted to put two pictures?

In the second case why not:

{| class="wikitable"
!Current tagging
!New tagging

|[[File:Customer information display Liverpool L St.jpg|frameless]]
[[File:Display of Passenger Information System in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland.jpg|frameless]]


^ I also added a “+” for better reading.

I wanted to have two pictures. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added it.

A passenger information board is a different thing to a departure board, so depreciating it doesn’t make sense.


What’s the difference between the two?

Passenger information board may include departure information like in departure board, but not only that.

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Incident information can be displayed depending on the type of board but that’s about it. What else could it include?

I know many passenger_information_displays that show different kinds of information - announcements, advertisements - but only the nominal departure times. There’s no kind of realtime feedback of the actual situation. I don’t see how tagging this as departure_board=realtime makes sense.

passenger_information_display’s main function is to show departure times. The same thing applies to departures_board=realtime. Any other capabilities are determined by it’s software and hardware and they are different from city to city. See the wiki for reference (Key:passenger_information_display - OpenStreetMap Wiki)

How is a display of nominal departure times that doesn’t have any realtime information to be tagged? “realtime” is definitely the wrong value and misleading.

tourism=information + information=board + board_type=public_transport

passenger_information_display is clearly defined in the wiki as “real-time passenger information system”. I don’t see anything that is wrong or misleading.

I am not a native speaker, but for me, a display is different from a board.

The tag name is misleading because it does not contain the information that the display needs to show real-time information. A wiki article can’t change that. It’s like you were defining natural=tree to only include broadleaved trees. It’s not intuitive.

Feel free to look up “passenger information display” in your favorite search engine and tell me how many of the images there represent realtime departures boards and how many of them are not realtime.

You can’t tell from these images. E.g. on displays used for buses and trams in Frankfurt, some displays show up-to-date realtime information, some just show nominal data.

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Can you show photos of both types of boards?

Here in Poland it’s in one interface, some buses have “in 3 min” and some “at 12:34” mixed together in one table.
All of them run at specyfic hours specyfied in paper board. Those with “in 3 min” takes delays into account.

Here’s one like kubahahaha describes: File:Fahrgastinformationssystem.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
There are also some that show “5*” if it’s a nominal, not realtime, departure in 5 minutes.

The current situation having both tags with identical descriptions is definitely not good and should be changed.
I think we shouldn’t just deprecate one of them, but develop it further. E.g. a good passenger information display can supply much more information than a plain departures board. I’d think having departure_board=* to show if you can find some kind of timetable is very helpful. passenger_information_display=* on the other hand should be extended to include displays with further kinds of information, maybe specified with additional values apart from a plain yes/no.
In the same way, one should extend departures_board with a new value to distinguish between plain digital displays (e.g. =display) and real up-to-date information.

It’s still realtime. The exact time is displayed only for departures which are in 20 or more minutes. I’ve drafted some ideas for tagging it in It’s the same thing.

I’ve drafted some ideas in Proposed features/Refine departures board tagging - OpenStreetMap Wiki but it got a bit messy so I will do it in two stages (deprecate passenger_information_display and then propose the new tags). That way passenger_information_display will be free for anyone to create any schema one might want.

No, unfortunately not. See also the (German) annotations on Wikimedia. The time is shown in case there is no information apart from the scheduled times - including cases where there is no information because the service doesn’t operate.

Now it makes more sense. Imho it is still realtime, but with a fallback option in case the GPS of the bus is not working. I’m not sure if I can think of a schema for this scenario right now and it seems to be more relevant to the linked proposal.

@kubahahaha Is this board (File:Display of Passenger Information System in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Poland.jpg - OpenStreetMap Wiki) of the same type as the quoted above?

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