Feature Proposal - RFC - Crossing cleanup and deprecation


With the approval of the crossing:markings=* proposal there is now a satisfactory way of tagging whether a crossing is marked or not regardless of the crossing being uncontrolled or having traffic signals. For signals, there is crossing:signals=* which fulfills the same role but has not been formally approved yet.

As such, I propose to approve crossing:signals=* and additionally deprecate crossing=* (except crossing=no).

Please sound off your feedback and comments here, the corresponding mailing list or on the wiki talk page.



I would propose to split that - at least some people will protest against the second one.

BTW, there is also Proposed features/Crossing signalization - OpenStreetMap Wiki


I am aware and my intention was to propose both together. I have discussed the similar proposal you linked and will support approving that one should this one fail. The latter one doesn’t include the deprecation of crossing=*.

Have you already had contact with data consumers about this? When deprecating such a common Key (7 million uses) I think your proposal should have a more detailed migration plan.


I agree with Discostu36. See Taginfo - projects using crossing=* for some pointers.

I also recommend looking at the River modernization project as reference for such a detailed migration plan.

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note that in this case it was on easy mode: nearly everyone supported natural=water already

There should also be a clear plan for updating editors (iD, StreetComplete, etc).

iD was recently updated to include support for crossing:markings=* but in doing so changed crossing=marked to crossing=uncontrolled for its “Marked Crosswalk” preset and will likely need to be updated again pending another change to crossing. Current discussion