Feature Proposal - Education Reform

Proposed Features/Education Reform Alternative - OpenStreetMap Wiki wants to replace amenity=school and amenity=university with a highly detailed education=* tagging system,

The wiki page isn’t very clear. Does it really want to replace those widely-used key values?

If so, I suspect (and would hope) that ir would be rejected quickly without wasting too much of everyone’s time.

If however there’s some nuance of the education system that we’re missing at the moment, then perhaps the proposal could be written to explain what, and how to do that without proposing timewasting changes.


Yes, because the old tagging really doesn’t lend itself to a detailed classification proposed in this new scheme.

I suspect that you have a choice - you can continue with it as it is and see it get rejected or create a more acceptable alternative that might get through.


The detailed classification of schools is different per country. This proposal seems to try to fit everything in ‘one-size-fits-all’ model, which would probably be hard to use in many countries.

An example: I see a differentiation between education=university and education=graduate. It seems very American to see Masters and Doctoral (‘graduate’) studies separate from Bachelor (‘undergraduate’) studies. In many European countries the Bachelor and Master are more seen as phases of one study and the Doctoral is separate. And all of these are at a university. In my country (the Netherlands) an institution is only to be called ‘universiteit’ when it can grant Doctor titles.

Wouldn’t it be better to just keep amenity=school and amenity=university and make the detailed classification in secondary tags?


For the purposes of this proposal, education=graduate means an institution that grants masters, diplom degrees, doctorates, and professorship certificates but not bachelors nor associate level degrees. If an institution grants both bachelors and doctorate, then one should use education=university. Keep in mind some jurisdictions keep the administrative facilities of graduate degrees separate while keeping the teaching staff unified.

Same problem exists in highway=* too, but I haven’t seen much objection to it. I tried to propose a highway reform also, but that one has been killed at a pre-draft stage with a huge objection.

Wouldn’t be more clear if it was “postgraduate” instead of “graduate”, to denote master, doctoral, postdoctoral, etc besides undergraduate? Because “graduate” would be interpreted as “offering education to undergrad students in order to receive a degree”, rather than “offering education to to students that already have a degree in order to go further”.