Favorite Photos and Quotes about OSM over the last 20 years?

Hi, all,

The CWG is working creating a central web page to help celebrate the 20th birthday of OSM.

We would like to have a lot of quotes and photos to capture the 20 years of this community. We know there are a lot of different photos, graphics, and quotes spread out all over the vast OSM world but we need help finding them. To that end, could you help us by bringing them into this thread?

There are years and years of photos at this link, for example: Featured images - OpenStreetMap Wiki, but maybe you have a favorite from one of these galleries.

Or maybe you have a favorite photo from your local community?

Those of you who have been around for a long time, might have old photos or could take scans of paper artefacts that were used in the beginning.

And everyone could give a quote. It would be great if as many people as possible could say, in a single sentence, what they love about OSM.

Please share this post widely and ask people to contribute to it so that we get a diverse cross section from all over the world and across the 20 years.


Not sure about a favourite, but I have been unable to forget this one, try as I might.


when I was trying such photos some time ago I collected best ones and recorded them. Maybe some will be of use?





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I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for: x.com

My favourite quote is from this article: “Google and Apple maps do not differentiate between a good road and a bad road - but that’s so important” (hence my interest in the smoothness tag)

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There’s often been poster competitions at State of the Map, have you seen anything interesting?

OSM is all about free geodata, so freely licenced images are better. If you suggest an image, please make sure we can use it. A Creative Common licence is best. You can upload the image to the OSM Wiki, which ensures others can use it too (and select the right CC licence).

If you know any good quotes, you can add them to the OSM Wiki Quotes page.

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My favourite image is a OSM import animation of a Cycle Survey GPX from 10+ years ago when my local area was “Here Be Dragons” blank grey:

It shows the simple “left hand maze following” technique for mapping unknown areas in a single animated image.

After over 15 years of OSM survey, there’s plenty of quotes in the blog post, but…

I wouldn’t be a volunteer if you paid me!

Better go - there’s two notes in a nearby town that needs ground survey…


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Not my photo but it’s definitely a case of professional deformation.