Faulty routin after joining the maps...

Hello all,

I was looking on the forum or google, but I can’t find the way to solve my problem…

  • I’m creating my .img using mkgmap from the maps from geofabrik.de

  • when there is only one country in gmapsupp.img, the routing is okay

  • when joining more maps with gmt (just commandline), the error message (probably because of overlapping areas) appears>
    == Warning: repeated map ID number.
    == Map ID 63240009 (3C4F749), file pl.img, file sk.img.

  • so I’m changing the ID of one map to another value (using gmt)

  • then the joing is without errors, the maps are correctly displayed in garmin XT

  • but Garmin can’t make a route through this overlapped area (but outside this area routing works well)

Q: Is there any way to eliminate overlaping areas?
Q: Is really problem in this overlaping areas (and not e.g. in in ID number…)?

Thanks in advance


The problem is that you cannot re-join extracts. Necessary data is missing. You need a bigger area and extract the countries in one step from it you need.

For example, if zou want to create a joined map from germany, switzerland and austria, you cannot join the data of the three countries, but you have to extract as one area from the europe file.

aha, thanks for answer…
But then I’ll miss the entering country name, when searching for the city…?
(Garmin XT)

What garmin XT is, I do not know. But in Garmin Basecamp or in Garmin Oregon 450 that is no problem: An Example: The map of the alps, created with mkgmap, proposes in the search mask for the country a list of countries as soon as I enter the first lettter

Yes, this way is working well…
I’m joining the .osm extracts using osmconvert32 to have one .osm. (it’s pity that for merging he required .osm but not .osm.pfb)
This file I splitted with splitter and then I made gmapsupp using mkgmap…

Also searching in countries is working…

But some tutorials says, that also more gmapsupp.img files can be merged together (using gmt or mkgmap), but this is not working for me (although maps have different IDs)…

Also I was thinking about creating img files using mkgmap, but without --gmapsupp, and those img files merging together, but it resulted in many img and ovm_xxxxxxxx.img files, which proper using is unknown for me… :expressionless:
(maybe this is possible by editing every template.args…)

I combine extracts from Geofabrik, and things do work.
My tool chain is:

SET OSMCONVERT="C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenStreetMap\OSMConvert\osmconvert.exe"

START /B CMD /C CALL %OSMCONVERT% %INPUTDIR%poland.osm.pbf -o=%INPUTDIR%poland.o5m
START /B CMD /C CALL %OSMCONVERT% %INPUTDIR%czech.osm.pbf -o=%INPUTDIR%czech.o5m
START /B CMD /C CALL %OSMCONVERT% %INPUTDIR%austria.osm.pbf -o=%INPUTDIR%austria.o5m
START /B CMD /C CALL %OSMCONVERT% %INPUTDIR%swiss.osm.pbf -o=%INPUTDIR%swiss.o5m
CALL %OSMCONVERT% %INPUTDIR%germany.osm.pbf -o=%INPUTDIR%germany.o5m

CALL %OSMCONVERT% %INPUTDIR%germany.o5m %INPUTDIR%czech.o5m %INPUTDIR%austria.o5m %INPUTDIR%swiss.o5m %INPUTDIR%poland.o5m -o=%INPUTDIR%CentralEurope.o5m

del %INPUTDIR%germany.o5m
del %INPUTDIR%czech.o5m
del %INPUTDIR%austria.o5m
del %INPUTDIR%swiss.o5m
del %INPUTDIR%poland.o5m


SET JAVA=C:\Windows\System32\Java.exe
SET SPLITTER="C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenStreetMap\splitter-r298\splitter.jar"

DEL 4*.pbf
DEL 4*.img

%JAVA% -Xmx6G -jar  %SPLITTER% ^
 	E:\Maps\Raw\CentralEurope.o5m ^
 	"--description=BernieMap Car CentralEurope" ^
	--max-nodes=1500000 ^
	--mapid=43120001 ^
	--max-threads=4 ^


SET JAVA=C:\Windows\System32\Java.exe
SET MKGMAP="C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenStreetMap\mkgmap\mkgmap.jar"
SET STYLE=E:\Maps\Development\Style.Mapnik\Mapnik.Car
SET BOUNDS=E:\Downloads\OpenStreetMap\bounds_20131101.zip
copy E:\Maps\Development\Style.Mapnik\M04312.TYP M04312.TYP

%JAVA% -Xmx6G -ea -jar %MKGMAP% ^
	--style-file=%STYLE% ^
	--family-name=BernieMap --family-id=04312 --product-id=1 ^
 	--description="BernieMap Car CentralEurope" ^
	--series-name="BernieMap Car CentralEurope" ^
	--latin1 ^
	--add-pois-to-areas ^
	--route ^
	--bounds=%BOUNDS% ^
	--preserve-element-order ^
	--index ^
	--nsis ^
	--generate-sea=multipolygon,extend-sea-sectors,floodblocker ^
	--max-jobs=4 ^
	--remove-ovm-work-files ^
	4*.osm.pbf --gmapsupp M04312.TYP

move gmapsupp.IMG E:\Maps\Use\CentralEurope_Car.IMG

I divided the chain into those batch files, so that I can adjust parameters in individual steps if required.
The precompiled boundaries are an important step when it comes to address search.

Thanks a lot, now lot of details are more clear…