Fake sea covering several USA states and Manitoba, Canada

A nearly perfect triangle of sea (the southwest vertex is missing a tiny slice) with its vertices about at:
40N31.573 101W27.493 near Imperial, Nebraska, USA,
49N29,936 97W59.876 near Carmin, Manitoba, Canada and
47N59.326 9125.395 in Snowbank Lake, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minnesota, USA.

These tiles seem to be involved in some manner:
63240485.img 63240486.img 63240496.img 63240665.img 63240666.img 63240667.img 63240669.img 63240670.img 63240673.img
63240677.img 63240678.img 63240761.img 63240762.img 63240763.img 63240764.img 63240765.img 63240766.img 63240767.img
63240768.img 63240769.img 63240776.img 63240777.img 63240781.img63240789.img

The area has appeared in several down loads of the area during the month of February 2017.

I don’t know how to fix this myself. Guidance is appreciated.

If some one would fix it; that would also be appreciated.

Randolph J. Herber

I can confirm this map is flooded, sometimes caused by a bad edit of some coastline. You can check it here https://tools.geofabrik.de/osmi/ but I don’t see broken coastlines there so it might be fixed already. Please try another update later or try another service like http://extract.bbbike.org/