Failure to open MapInfo .tab file in JOSM

Having selected “MapInfo files” in JOSM to open a .tab file of polylines, I am presented with an error message containing “No valid coordinates have been found.” I wondered if this is because the file is in British National Grid. I saved that file in WGS 84 projection but receive the same error message when trying to open it.

Is it a known feature of JOSM to load and display that data in its file format?

Support for MapInfo formats from OSGeo is rather patchy. When I’ve used them I’ve either uploaded them to a database or saved them as shapefiles. You can use QGIS to do this: I presume it is Oxon footpaths which interest you.

Alternatively I could send you a friendlier version if you message me via OSM (I may need a bit of time if my data is not same as latest version on rowmaps).


I asked a question about opening .kml files in JOSM recently. n76 provided the answer: to install the OpenData plug-in. I think it was looking at “More info…” while doing it and the resulting page that I discovered I should be able to open MapInfo .tab files.
I am able to save .tab files as .kml in QGIS and open them in JOSM, which is excellent as they retain the data’s attributes completely, for me to view. I felt, simply, it would save that stage if I was able to open the .tab files directly. There seems to be no clue in the website above as to why it should not work, which is why I asked the question in the forum.

Oh, dear! Advanced years are beginning to take their toll: my next step was to add a comment in the talk pages. I see here: I did that very thing on 27th January 2016! Time to move on, accepting the .kml route, I think.