Facebook showing wrong map location


On Facebook, the location of our business is pointing to a wrong location. Facebook uses Open Street Map when clicking on the address so I thought I’d post here for support. When opening the location in different apps like Google, it points to the right location.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions to resolve this.

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As @Mateusz_Konieczny wrote while Facebook uses OpenStreetMap as a background layer, they don’t use "POI"s (Points of Interests) from us.

I did note that you added your business here Node: ‪앤티도트 Antidote‬ (‪11963919103‬) | OpenStreetMap so anything actually using out POI data will find it now.

You might want to consider separating the name tags as for example done here Node: ‪롯데리아‬ (‪5114799710‬) | OpenStreetMap (you could ask what the best practice in Korea is here 한국/조선 (Korea) - OpenStreetMap Community Forum).

Background map is from OpenStreetMap data, but marker is placed by FB or whoever operates that business listing.

In theory business location may be correct but entire OSM data is shifted there, but it is quite unlikely.