F4 Render Problem

There is a problem with heights of simple buildings. They lost their height. Formerly it was correct rendered. Nothing was changed. Building with “building: part” are not affected.


Another, better example:

which building lost its height ?

You can’t see it? E.g.
shouldn’t have only a roof and
should have 2 levels plus roof.

good catch ! :slight_smile:
i’ll have a look at it.

(Edit) Fixed !
If you find any other height glitches, feel free to report those :slight_smile:

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Another problem with building levels tag handling (looks like a regression as it used to work)



Means the building is 6 levels high but needs to skip 5 levels from ground (wiki ref)

indeed, building:min_level was not used anymore with levels (which is undocumented :stuck_out_tongue: )
fixed too :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone here!

Faced a problem in f4map, despite the fact that kendzi3d has no problem displaying multipolygons.

For example, here in the building 2 multipolygons are used. The rectangular tower is drawn inside the building, but there should not be a tower.

Can you confirm the error, or indicate what the problem is?


Hello, f4map currently lags behind on updates, right now 13 days behind. so if the change is recent, this might explain it.

Cactusbone, I am very glad that you answered me.
Changes were made 20 days ago, and nothing else changed. I waited for the artifacts to disappear before writing. I repeat that in other rendering systems this problem does not exist. Please pay attention.

I still have problematic examples with multipolygons.

Data seems good, might be a bug

EDIT: After having a good look at it, the “hole” part is rendered because there are not part here, but the outline (the part mapped with building:yes) does NOT have the hole in it.

So we’re using outline data for the non mapped section, which ends up as height:20

F4Map does not use building relations at all for rendering, so we’re not skipping the polygon marked as outkine in the relation, but I believe the other renderers do. However, outline (relation with building:true) is used for 2D mapping, so it should in my opinion contains the hole.

Thanks. I will wait for a final answer to continue the dialogue.

EDIT: Thanks for the clarification. This explains the similar rendering behavior where I used polygons.

I’ve edited my previous post with details

Spent a lot of time studying the structure of models, and here I accidentally found the building “Berlin, Rotes Rathaus”, which is correctly drawn on f4map. Inside the building type=building marked: polygon with hole as role=outline and entrance as role=entrance. And remaining lines marked as role=part. :confused:

Yep, as I said, adding the hole to the outline polygon will do the trick. We’re not using relations at all, so each polygon must be well defined on its own :slight_smile:

Cactusbone, I wanted to clarify, there were problems with rendering in last 3 weeks, or rendering when used building relations is unpredictable?

I again tried to create type=building, but multipolygon were already drawn another osmer (parts of the building are indicated by relations with several ways).

The height parts of buildings has not visually changed. Thanks.

P.S. If several ways are combined into a part of the building, then there is no problem with drawing different heights.

To clarify, the relation is not used at all by F4map, all the building:part must be geometrically included in the building (outline) polygon to be rendered. The outline itself is rendered, but with all the parts removed from the polygon, so if all the parts covers all the outline (as it should!), then the outline is not rendered.