External images on the wiki

Top of the morning!

I wrote a script that can validate route-relations. It accepts the relation-id as a query parameter and outputs an image with the status of the relation (good, broken, not existing). I wanted to use this for the local group’s wiki page to have a list of route-relations and their status next to them.

However, I found out the hard way that images on external servers don’t get displayed, only a link to them. There seem to be exceptions, like josm.openstreetmap.de, but generally, it doesn’t seem possible.

Question: is there a way to do what I want, and I’m just not seeing how, or is it hardcoded not to allow this?

Not sure why images from josm.openstreetmap.de are shown, I would not expect this and may be some coincidence.

In general only images from Wikimedia Commons and ones uploaded to wiki are displayed.

They’re shown because that domain has been listed as allowing it.