Exporting larger area .png than the displayed area

I need to export .png of an area of the map. I selected the osmarender image for my export. My problem is if I zoom in, I am able to get the street names with the road layouts as needed, but when I try to export it, it only export s the screen in the frame. What I want is more area of the map, so how do I export a much wider area as suppose to what is just showing on the export screen of openstreetmap. I would appreciate any pointers

There are a few methods of providing printable exports of the OSM data, one of which is the Export tab on the main site. Other options are Gnuplot, PDF Atlas or Kosmos.

You could use Firefox 3 “Beta”, with that you can zoom out (ctrl - (minus)) and select a larger area to be exported. Though the area is still limited you can get a larger one.

using the export tab, IIRC, you can select the visible area on the screen, then choose the scale, so that more detail is visible in the export than you can see to begin with.

Yeah, you can go from a 200x200 pixel image up to 2600x1400 by just changing the scales.