Exporting data to ArcGIS Pro

I am very new to GIS generally including ArcGIS Pro. I am trying to do something which seems like it should be straightforward but I encounter roadblocks at every turn.

I want to import OpenStreetMap data for a small area in California into ArcGIS Pro. I need to then export that map into a mobile map file that the ArcGIS runtime engine can load.

Apparently, ArcGIS has no ability to load *.osm files. ESRI has a couple of editors and tools on their site but they don’t work on the “Pro” version of ArcGIS. Other tools I have tried just crash with Python syntax errors.

I should mention that I am using the 21 day trial version of ArcGIS Pro. This was intended to be a test to see if it I could make this workflow functional before buying. The answer seems to be a definitive no unless someone has another idea.

Perhaps it’s just because I’m new to GIS, but I am frankly shocked this is so difficult to do. I’m also surprised at how much ArcGIS Pro crashes. I would have thought it to be more robust than it is given the number of users they have. What am I missing?