Exporting contour lines as vector graphics from OSM?

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I have a question regarding the export function as PDF or SVG. I need the contour lines of an area on the map. The standard map can be exported as a PDF or SVG, but the other maps cannot be exported in these formats.

Is there a possibility that you can still export the contour lines as vector graphics?

I would appreciate an answer.

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Hi. Contour lines are not part of OSM data. Some maps mash up OSM data with contour lines from another source such as https://www.viewfinderpanoramas.org/dem3.html (EDIT: well, that link used to work) to produce the displayed results.

I would look at working with the original contour data, rather than trying to export from a map. (EDIT: If that site remains down, try searching on Digital Elevation Model, or DEM.) Good luck.

I’m offering a lot of different map styles (although not all of the extra styles on osm.org as for some of them the stylesheet source is not public) for rendering in different formats on https://print.get-map.org/

All single page requests are rendered as PNG, SVG and PDF simultaneously, and contour lines are available as an additional overlay that can be added to all styles.

See e.g. https://print.get-map.org/maps/210792 for an example using the default OSM style with 10m contour lines on top.

Dear all,

Is there a way to perform terrain exaggeration using OSM contour lines?
Thank you!