Export user-history


we are teaching our cartography-students to work with OSM. Each student has his own task to do and his own OSM-username. I try to find a way to download the history of each student. Under http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/…/history I can see every node touched by a student. If it still exists or not. But I can’t download it. If I want to check the work of each student, I can not simply click through all these nodes… thats a never ending story…
This is why I need to find a way to download the data of each student.

My first thought: http://download.geofabrik.de. I can download the complete data of the country and look for the user-keyword. But it shows only the last user.
To have all the changes, even if some other user touched it, I need to know all users.

In http://overpass-turbo.eu its the same. I can ask for “user:…” and then it only shows me everything which was touched finally(!) by this user.

I although thought about QuickOSM in QGIS, but can’t find more than amenity=“restaurant” and so on. The points downloaded does not even show the name of the last user and QuickOSM does find anything using “user:…”.
I have heard with QuickOSM it would be possible to download the relations as well. Isn’t the user-history recorded by relations? How can I download OSM with all the relations using QGIS/QuickOSM?

If I download a very small area with the OpenStreetMap-Extension in ArcMap and tell it to download the relations as well, it does not stop to compute. Does not work…

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot and greetings from germany,

What you are looking for is the history. It’s not recorded in relations. Relations are a datatype like ways and nodes. In JOSM type, ctrl-h or ctrl-shift-H for the objects you’re interested in.

Overpass might help you. Roland recently implemented attic data. You can query it for a given point in time. This may still be hit and miss though.

There are some python modules which can query the OSM API directly. I’m not sure, but maybe with those you can fetch the full history of the objects you’re interested in.