Export Terrain model and Buildings

Hi all,
I would to export terrain model and 3D buildings.
Is it possible with openstreetmap? If yes, hoe to do this?

Thanks all

There is no terrain model in OSM. Any maps rendered with contours or relief shading are using third party data for that.

There is nothing special about exporting 3D buildings, just use the data in native format, or use one of the many tools that convert it into other formats.

Note that very few places will have had any significant 3D data added for budlings.

I don’t have any problem with 3D buildings exports.
I would to integrate a terrain model with buildings

There is no terrain model in OSM.

Ok, but I see that on http://demo.f4map.com/#camera.theta=0.9 there is the information that I need.
Now, there is a way to export this information? (that you know)
Otherwise, is it possible, in .osm file, read the information about the altimetry?

If in F4map there is this information, I think that it is possible to get it in another way too :smiley:

If you look more closely at the credits you will see that they are actually claiming http://www.viewfinderpanoramas.org/dem3.html as their source for elevation data.

That information is not in the .osm file.

Ok, thanks for the answer “hadw”.
Now I trying to another way. In particular:

Here there is a problem; the two parts do not match (though the Latitude and the Longitude it is the same).

I can try with a Python script to fix it but between OSM file (Buildings) and .STL file (terrain) I have a different system; with Latitude/Longitude the first and coordinates x,y,z the second.

I hope that my problem is clear.

Thanks all