Export of OSM Israel info to a GeoJSON format

I need help in exporting content within Israel boundaries to a GeoJSON file format

My goal is to load this information into Google Map API as explained in here https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/datalayer

If anyone has any past experience with such integration it will be very helpful

Direct email david.rashty@gmail.com

Every language you feel comfortable with has an OSM pbf file reader.
I’m using OSMSharp: http://www.osmsharp.com/ to extract the data and insert it to Elasticsearch using the following code:


Can I use the code you have sent to extract into GeoJSON?

If you are a coder would be happy to discuss over the phone 0544536005

If you want only a small subset of data, it is possible to extract it with JOSM (https://josm.openstreetmap.de/).

You can download data by selecting a rectangular bounding box, or by using an Overpass query to download only the specific objects you want. After you have the objects you need, you can export the layer as GeoJSON. If you can specify what you want, I might be able to help with the Overpass. If we’re talking about massive amounts of data or the entirety of OSM Israel Data, this is not a good approach and a pbf may be better.