Exploring the landscape: simplest way of getting an elevation profile

Hi! I’ve being playing with JOSM for a while and installed Elevation and Elevation Profile plugins. Both offer a lot of possibilities.

But I would like to be able to explore the area in the current zoom by quickly visualizing the elevation profile of any straight line joining two selected points on the map. I don’t want to create a new GPX track, or adding new features to the map. I just want a quick graphical representation of the profile in a separated window.

Furthermore, I understand that JOSM has no route-planning features as it is not its purpose, but I would find a simple “elevation profile visualization” tool will be very useful to helping understand the area.

Is there anything available? Thanks!

OSM doesn’t generally store elevation data, except at discrete notable points.

The plugin you reference says it used elevation data from a different source (STRM). You’d probably be better off using more generic GIS software and tutorials. e.g. QGIS

Thanks, @InsertUser.

It is now clearer to me that I must create a broader tool-scape and improve my skills. Still, I think having such a tool at hand as a JOSM plugin, will easy, for instance, decisions while drafting walking route proposals.I’m also still far from being able to code such a plugin!