Existing mapping projects in Bangkok?

Hi there,

I want to get started tracing in Bangkok and was wondering if there were any existing projects that I should be aware before I start. I don’t want to step on any toes here.

Additionally, I wanted to know if there was anything I needed to know about the ODbl License switch process. I’ve seen that we are going to lose quite a few nodes and ways here and didn’t know if there was anywhere strategic to begin in Bangkok to help curb some of the issues associated with that.

Let me know. I’m eager to get started ASAP.


Hi Dan,

quite certain you already agreed to the new contributor terms. So your edits are safe for ODbL.

There is some information about remapping in the wiki:

It’s usually a good idea to check the alignment of aerial images by downloading the GPS tracks. Most areas of Bangkok are aligned quite ok, but better double check before all your additions are shifted by a few meters.

As always better upload more frequent. If you upload every 30 minutes and update you’ll quickly notice in case someone else is working on the same area. As there are only very few mappers active I don’t expect any trouble with this.

If you trace “main roads” first that would bring more benefit to the road network. You could also rework the many multi-stage highways, paint dual carriage highways, residential areas or waterways. Actually there is so much to do, just have fun with mapping. I personally would first try to complete the major road network, then gradually add residential and industrial areas.

If you want to recover tags from accepting users and apply them on new geometry from aerials the OSM Inspector can help you finding the places:

But most important thins is to have fun