Excel OSM


does anyone have a standardized Excel table with OSM layers list (with attributes like code, name, definiton, etc.).

I wanna perform inventory of my Country’s present situation.

Regards from Croatia:)


really don’t understand what you are talking about. please be more specific.


btw: because OSM is an unix based system and most of our developers/power users are not running windows,
i would not exspect to get an excel sheet.

OSM doesn’t have layers, and the lists of tags and values are open ended.

I think this will be clear to all.

I want tables from this PDF organized as a Excel Sheet. https://www.geofabrik.de/data/geofabrik-osm-gis-standard-0.6.pdf


That document describes how a company that resells OSM data in GIS-friendly format processes OSM data for GIS users. It’s by no means a full list of what’s in OSM.

Can you describe what it is you’re actually trying to do?

I am doing inventory of OSM data within my country, and for that purpose I need some referent (organized, more-less standardized) list to fill the numbers. I prefer excel sheet.

For what purpose do you need this inventory?

In any case, any such inventory will only ever be a rough approximation.

It’s for personal project. I need any kind of organized list …

So you wanto have a list for a certain area / bounding box that says: what different OSM data objects (streets, buildings, shops, waterways, POIs etc.) are present there, and how much of each??

I want a list with all possible OSM data objects (fclass) in Excel sheet … then I will perform inventory for mine study area :slight_smile:

I am already manually producing such list … as I already have a base (geofabrik), but in pdf…

It might help if you could give an example of what a few rows of such a list would look like. You have referred to “fclass” but this seems to be a GeoFabrik concept, it is not something stored in the OSM database.

Are you looking for a list with rows like this:

…long list of other common amenity= values…
… long list of other common leisure= values…
… long list of other common highway=values…

And it will never be “all possible objects” as anyone can add any tags they like.

Perhaps you could set up a taginfo server for your country ?
I linked to the global one, but some countries, e.g. UK have their own server.

After having downloaded a data extract from any appropriate source listed at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Planet.osm

you can try https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmconvert

where you can defibe a CSV output: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmconvert#Writing_CSV_Files

or see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmfilter … in detail at