EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference 2024: Call for abstracts open until 2 April

The Call for abstracts of the EuroVelo & Cycling Tourism Conference 2024, taking place in Viborg, Denmark, on 23-25 September, is now open!

Abstracts connected to the theme “Legacy & Localhood can be submitted until 2 April via the Conference website.

This theme is divided into 3 subthemes and related priority topics, and we would be very happy to receive some abstracts connected to OSM!

Here is the list of subthemes, and priority topics that could inspire some of you, depending what you are working on:

  1. Cycling towards local developments
    a. Quality cycling routes to support the sustainable development of urban and rural areas

  2. Engaging the locals
    a. Community engagement with cycling, via route ownership, cycling events or community-led initiative - this topic would connect very well with any work linking OSM and cycling!

  3. Widening the horizon of cycling tourism
    c. Understanding the diversity of cycling tourism, also thanks to data and flagship initiatives.

More information on each subtheme and abstracts submission can be found in the Guide document.

Do not hesitate to write me if you have questions!