Eurovelo 10 relation in Finland needs checking and possible fixing

Recently Finland’s national road 4 has been upgraded to a high-speed road south of Simo. Fences have been erected so that it is no longer possible to access the highway from the side roads. Consequently, when I did a personal survey and saw that some old tracks connecting the side roads to the highway no longer exist, I deleted them in a series of edits on August 17 and 18.

The problem is that some of those roads which no longer exist belonged to the relation EuroVelo 10 - Baltic Sea Cycle Route - part Finland. I have heard that deleting members from a relation can cause problems, but relations are still a weak area for me in OSM editing. Could someone please check that this relation is coherent, and that it now runs fully along the side roads south of Simo and not along national road 4?