European accented characters

Hi folks

Having read a whole bunch of posts I can now successfully create OSM data, download it, convert it to .mp using osm2mp and create a routable gmapsupp file for my Edge 705 using mkgmap and get the map into MapSource. This is a truly truly awesome project

However the thing I just can’t work out at the moment is how to get accented characters such as ‘è’ onto the Edge or even into MapSource. Using codepage 1252 with osm2mp I can see that the accented characters are properly converted from the osm data into the mp file (ie. I can see ‘è’ in the .mp file) BUT I can’t work out which command to use with mkgmap to put those characters into the gmapsupp file.

I’ve tried --utf8 , --charset=utf8 and even --code-page=1252 but I always end up with a set of two or three gibberish characters on the Garmin instead. I know it is possible as the new routable maps the Lambertus is compiling have the correct characters but I can’t work out the correct command.

Can anyone help?


(mkgmap ver = r978)

Thank you for letting me know that my maps are displaying the problem letters correctly :smiley:

I use Splitter without any language parameters and Mkgmap with only the --utf8 parameter. Hope this helps.

BTW: can you tell me why you’re still trying to build your own map even though maps are already available? Is there something not optimal to my maps? I like to know what I can improve…

Thanks for the super quick reply and especially for the precompiled maps. The only reason for persevering with compiling now is so I can tweak the views up for cycling using the mkgmap style files although I’ve not been too successful with that yet because I’m concentrating on the character set problem at the moment.

Do you know if it matters where in the command line you put --utf8? I can’t imagine that it makes any difference but I’m starting to grasp at straws now. I originally had it in a separate text file that I pulled in using the -c parameter but now I do the whole think on a single line just in case.

Are you also going through the .mp file stage or can mkgmap now make routable maps directly from .osm files?

thanks again

Got it :smiley:

What I hadn’t spotted was that there no longer seems to be a need to go through the .mp stage for mkgmap to create routeable maps - it can be done straight from the .osm data. When you do that the --utf8 switch works perfectly!

Thanks for your help - the key was in knowing that you were only using the utf8 switch so I started looking elsewhere

No problem, I’m glad it works fine now.

Just to let you know: if external parameters permit me (funding, hardware etc), then I will provide cyclemaps and normal topo maps worldwide as well in the future. Just as I do now for only the Netherlands.