Etrex doesn,t start up

Hello everybody,

Just a few days ago i bought a newGarmin Etrex30. After installing a garmin openstreetmap of spain in the map Garmin/ en some routes in the map GPX/ the divice sarted up and everything worked wel. But when i tryed to start up the divice again nothing happened as just a few seconds with the name GARMIN on the display, and the divice went out again. Connecting to the computer was also not possible anymore. I contacted garmin and at there advise i performed a total reset, but that didn,t work either. From the store i got a new divice but after installing again i encountered the same problem. Who can help??

No idea what causes it, but I have some links for you to try:{d10af480-1fc5-11e1-73d0-000000000000}

The device can make use of extra SD cards, can’t it? Better try to install maps etc on the removable card.
During the startup process, the device tries to identify all maps on all cards, and that takes a lot of processing power, and batterries are more likely to fail with such a high power consumption.
Also, some maps may conatin some bugs which become visible after some time only. I remember the “memory full” messages on an Oregon which were caused by such a buggy map. Downloading a newer version of the map may help.

I have tried all the things mentioned in the links but nothing did help. I could connect the divice to the computer and remove the cards en gpx files, but this didn,t help. Master reboot doen,t work, update didn,t help So after hours of trying and surching etc Ithink iám gone sent the thing back to the store, and try an otherone.
Thank you for your help

This was posted by a contributor to the Mkgmap application in another thread:

To which another Garmin insider replied:

The eTrex needs a different procedure: Power on while holding joystick up to force USB mass storage mode.

I’ve had something similar in the past with the USB not kicking in , even after a hard reset.
The panic was quite real , so I know ho0w you feel.
The solution that worked for me was to plug the gps into another PC