Establishing consistency for common POIs / companies with branches

It appears there’s no consistency in the major multi-branch companies like “Bank Hapoalim” Or Sonol in the “name”, “operator”, and “brand” tags. See this for an example.

Since Israel is small and there are relatively few such networks, perhaps we should agree on exact tags to be used and put that in the Wiki?

Edit: Added “common POIs” to title. See comments below.

The OSM wiki has captured the principles for Distinguishing between Brand, Name, Operator, etc.

Do you think these principles require special adaptation to Israel, or that they need to be applied?

I do not think a special adaptation is required for Israel, but I still think a mentioning in the Wiki is required to ensure consistency, because:

  1. The above principles do have some leeway for personal interpretation.
  2. Even if everyone follows them consistently, there are name tag issues. (Is it “hapoalim” or “hapoa’lim”?)

The wiki section could be something like the draft below, and could also include common POIs unrelated to branches which also require consistency:

Tag templates for common Israeli POI’s:
Bank Hapoalim: name: etc, operator: etc
New Pharm: name: etc, operator: etc
גן אירועים: etc etc. (If that’s deemed sufficiently vague)
Falafel shop: (Perhaps we should establish consistency in the cuisine tags as well for fast_food shops)

Adding something to the Israel wiki, with reference to the general wikii rather than duplicating it is welcome.

We can also do a bulk update to fix the consistency.

The name should follow the language principle. In this case, use the spelling which the entity uses for its name. In the case of Bank Hapoalim, name=“בנק הפועלים” “name:en”=“Bank Hapoalim”.

Ok. I’ll come up with an accurate draft for the Wiki changes.

How should we tag “shufersal”? They have several branch types:

  • שופרסל שלי

  • שופרסל אקספרס

  • שופרסל דיל

Do these qualify for a “brand” tag?

I added a draft to the talk page. Feedback greatly appreciated.

Seems to me the brand is “שופרסל” where there are different branch types. This is like the “Pizza Hat” brand having “Pizza Hat Express” branches with limited/no seating area (if I recall correctly).

How would the different branch types be marked? name tag only?

Both the name and branch tags come into mind. I don’t have a preference.

I see you’ve done some bulk edits for banks, without adding the “operator” tag.

Neither do I, but I do care about consistency, hence the Wikipage. So let’s just pick something and go with it.

I have updated the wiki draft. Is that an acceptable tagging scheme for bulk updates / consistency? (Still not final, perhaps contact:website and name:ru, name:ar should be part of the bulk update)

For the record, @zstadler mass-edited the name tags for banks and now those are consistent. The operator/brand tags weren’t edited, and perhaps they’re redundant anyways since they always replicate the name exactly for banks.

We still have similar issues with gas stations.


  • Should we have brand, operator, both, or none?
  • Are names expected to always match operator/brand in Israel?

If you think the principles for Distinguishing between Brand, Name, Operator, etc. are not clear, you can ask for clarifications as a new topic on the discussion of the page. Please try and be as specific as possible.

My apologies for being unclear. Let me try to rephrase as specifically as possible:

  • Currently there’s no consistency in tagging branches, and I’m interested in changing that.

  • I am aware of the OSM guidelines, but in reality it appears these tags are often used (or not used) inconsistently, which confused me a bit. Sorry.

  • I deleted the Wiki draft. That was probably overkill.

  • I would like to edit the POIs for branches and make them all completely consistent, but before doing so, I want to be completely sure my interpretation of the guidelines is correct for Israel.

My current interpretation for Israel:

  • Banks: the name, brand, and operator are always the same.

  • Fast-food and gas: The name and brand are almost always the same, but the operator may vary (local companies / people in charge of the place)

  • Supermarkets: Name is typically identical to brand. Sometimes name may be a bit different e.g. “Shufersal Deal”. Operator may vary. (local companies / people in charge of the place)

Is my interpretation correct? If so, would such an edit be acceptable?:

  • Banks: Make sure all have name and brand, remove operator. (Or name and operator and remove brand)

  • Fast-food and gas: Make sure all have name and brand. Remove operator if it’s a duplicate of brand, keep if unique.

  • Supermarkets: Make sure all have name and brand. Remove operator if it’s a duplicate of brand, keep if unique.

  • All: Make sure there are name:he, name:ar, name:en, name:ru, and website. Don’t use the “branch” tag.

I see no point in duplicating information here. operator and brand are not required. Branch name, if known, should be in the branch tag and branch number in the ref tag.

Again I see no point in duplicating information here. brand is not required. Branch name, if known, should be in the branch tag. Operator (local branch owner) is usually unknown.

Again operator (local branch owner) is usually unknown. I think the sub-brand is more appropriate to be part of the branch tag. e.g., “Sufersal Deal Ben Yehuda”

Alternatively, the name would include the branch name, if known, and avoid the branch tags.

I’d prefer to avoid the branch tag. Having nother tag would add more inconsistency trouble.

If we are going to avoid the “branch” tag, then the “name” tag may vary among branches. e.g. “Shufersal Deal”, “Shufersal Express”. The point I see for the brand tag is that it provides a non varying common field for all branches. It links them. Without it, there’d be no easy way to find all the branches of a certain company. This can be useful for Overpass queries, statistics, mass edits, and perhaps some future client-side features (highlight all branches of a brand).

I agree the operator tag shouldn’t be used. (Unless someone happens to know the name of the local branch owner and wants to put it). But I think the brand tag should serve as the common value for the different branches of a company.