ESRI address feed update has some issues

I posted about this in the #rapid_feedback channel but wanted to make folks here aware of the issues while it gets resolved. Rapid has opened an issue here

I see that ESRI has updated the United States address feed of data used by Rapid and MWAI. There seems to be some data issues with this feed that I would love to get addressed as soon as possible.

The good news: there seems to be a lot more addr:unit data! Also the addresses include more building type information, I would love to hear more about how that works and the confidence we have with it being correct. Thanks!

(edit) Here’s a set of apartment buildings in Indianapolis that have address data nodes from ESRI that are marked as building=commercial… not great.

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Here’s the Rapid issue that got resolved out to ESRI. User report: NAD update from ESRI has some issues · Issue #1054 · facebook/Rapid · GitHub

From a conversation in the OSMUS Slack:
“We’ve decided to put the NAD layer back into ‘preview’ mode for now, so it will only be visible to people using Rapid in power user mode. We’re working on addressing the issues but it will take some time get the layer republished.” - Steven Moore (ESRI)

I will periodically look through this overpass query and notify folks who are adding things that need patching up.