Espresso Yourself: adding coffee attributes to OSM

Hello, folks!

Had an idea and wanted to see what you think. How about we start mapping more detailed info about coffee shops on OSM, specifically focusing on the percentage of Arabica vs. Robusta in their blends, and highlighting spots that offer decaf coffee? This could be a game-changer for coffee enthusiasts looking for their perfect cup.

Also, do we know if there are any side projects based on OSM that focus specifically on food or coffee?

Keen to hear your thoughts – is this brewing up interest, or is it too much detail for our map?



Not wanting to water down your coffee, but how would you, as a consumer, know? I’d go so far as to say that a lot of shops probably wouldn’t even know, as they just get bulk supplies of “coffee” in from wholesale suppliers?

I would have also thought that most coffee shops would have offered decaf?

If you wanted to though, it’d be easy to include it under amenity=cafe + Tag:cuisine=coffee_shop - OpenStreetMap Wiki

That suggests drink:espresso=*, & there’s also a tag for Key:drink:coffee - OpenStreetMap Wiki , so that could probably be expanded to drink: decaf_coffee=yes

You may need to sit down with a nice hot cup of coffee & think about options! :grinning:

Valid idea! I was thinking of a similar approach while launching Specialty Kava Slovenia to make an interactive map of specialty coffee shops in Slovenia, but not only shops but offer various filters as you suggested like decaf, V60, Aeropress, coffee scove over 90, etc. But Google Maps API is so limited this.

I’d definitely watch this thread to see if you have a solution for this. Thanks in advance.