Errors occurred while trying to save Precondition failed

After a very productive iD editing session, I got this error:

Errors occurred while trying to save
Precondition failed: Way -63 requires the nodes with id in 11365414266,11365414267,11365414268,11365430969,11365430970,11365430971,11365430972,11365430973,11365430974,11365430975,11365430976,11365430995,11367299006,11367299007, which either do not exist, or are not visible.

I was able to download a file named changes.osc, but editing it looks like a daunting task… and even if I can successfully edit it, I don’t know how to re-upload it to the iD editor.

Any advice as to how I can avoid losing the edits I made?

Sounds like somebody else was possibly editing in the same area as you, at the same time, & deleted those nodes?

Looked at a couple of your nodes & they both showed this: Node History: 11365414266 | OpenStreetMap

When were you editing, or how long did you have your session open? Several days?

Would strongly recommend saving your work frequently to prevent such things occurring!

I’ll try to answer:

  • Your edits are definitely not lost and can be added to the map.
  • Acording to this post, which you may want to read, iD does not support the upload of.osc files. Other editors (like JOSM or Vespucci) do though. If using one of those seems daunting to you, others could upload your changeset for you via JOSM.
  • Relevant iD GitHub issue

See also #23403 (importing bus lines) – JOSM :

  • the problem seems to be the size of the bounding box
  • the problem seems to be the number of new nodes and that some have been deleted.

but there are other problems with these changes:

  • it looks like an import and Import/Guidelines - OpenStreetMap Wiki need to be followed
  • the source of the data needs to be checked
  • the data in its current form does only help as reference for the routes without stop and these routes should not be added as ways but need to be changed to relations using the underlying highways as members, see Tag:route=bus - OpenStreetMap Wiki.